The Proton Z axis

Mighty Proton


The Proton Z axis is packed with the industries BEST features. Twin 25mm linear rail and a large double mounted ballscrew drive this incredible piece of hardware. Capable of speeds up to 500ipm the Proton Z axis is standard on all our CNCs

Advanced tool pockets


Each Proton has two auxiliary tool pockets for adding extra tools. Routers, OXY Torch, Pens, Scribes, Air drills, vinyl knife.. whatever you can imagine. We supply you with a drawing and location of these pockets and tapped holes. True machined radial grip on the torch body gives added endurance.

Magnetic break away


Fast motion and big power can be troublesome with tip ups. We have a unique magnetic breakaway using Nickel plated, countersunk rare earth magnets. Our Magnetic breakaway will release the torch on impact and is pulled back to its center simply through magnetic force. Our collision switch stops motion immediately.

Collision detection and hard limit management system