Stepper motion


Our stepper motion is #1 in the industry. We take quality to its very top level. Each reduction unit uses a twin sealed bearing perfect aligned to the robust hardened main drive shaft where the wide profile gear is driven. Fully CNC machined reduction units are standard. Large frame motors and hybrid motors propel the Star Lab and sets the standard for performance.

Stepper accuracy


Our systems are tuned to an minimum resolution of .0004". This gives you the smoothest arcs whether your cutting holes or making art. Steppers are a wonderful method of motion. Rapid between cuts at 600 inches per minute. Cut at speeds up to 400ipm. 26ga (thin) to 2" steel are no problem.

Gear Rack/Alignment


We use heavy duty .750" wide gear rack. The gear rack is hand aligned using precision instruments and the linear rail as the master positioner. The gear rack is also piece no conjoining pieces to misalign. Rigid mounted motor reduction units are far superior in performance and longevity to spring mounts.