About Us

It all started in 1989

We started in 1989 designing and manufacturing automated hydraulic, high speed assembly and packaging lines. We even had assemblies and precision components in the IBM zip drive assembly line. We have also been involved in the medical industry creating machines for packaging critical components and also used as a prototype supplier for scientists in the medical profession. Over the decades we saw the automation industry create new more efficient ways of supplying the customer with cheaper and better electronics, software and hardware. 

Todays machines for todays dreams

It was time to tell our friends in other industries we were moving forward. The flow of knowledge in design and automation were going to go to our customers. There was a decision to create a machine designed around the operator/owner where the machine would be long lasting, easy to use and with very little to no maintenance. Designs quickly escalated to a new level...the Star Lab was born.

A bright future for our customers

We have designed machines so that all of our machines can take advantage of upgrades in technology and motion if and when they are discovered even on an existing machine. Our thought process is that in which if you bought the machine it should be able to be upgraded to the latest hardware, electronics or software. We have machines in place cutting all over the planet. We also have an extensive dealer network ready to guide you into the right machine not only for today but for tomorrows ideas.