Designed with heavy plate in mind


Every Star Lab machine has a heavy duty frame designed from USA made steel and a capacity to take at least 10,000lbs of table load. This number goes up ..the bigger the travel the higher the capacity. Extra capacity means extra rigidity and stiffness.

Stable and Accurate


Each Star Lab frame is fully welded using a very specific specification. The Star Lab frames are extremely straight and parallel. This allows the Star Lab to have very good performance and gives the linear bearings the longest life.

Stout boxed steel frames


Star Lab frames are powder coated OSHA safety blue for a long lasting and durable finish. They feature 5/8" thick steel feet each with a 3/4-16 tapped hole for leveling and stability. Our smallest frames are made from 4x4 boxed steel and are fully welded. A well engineered balance of steel and capacity.