Torch height control

What is Torch height control

High Performance control is standard

What is Torch height control


Torch Height control is the ability to automatically maintain a set distance of the torch to the work piece through the dynamics of the cut path. The Star Lab uses the very finest and fastest torch height control. Coupled with the Proton Z axis the Star Lab CNC plasma machine will maintain proper torch height control at plasma MFGs recommended cut speed. This is a big advantage and will save your money in consumables and also give you the cut the plasma cutter is capable of.

How does it work

High Performance control is standard

What is Torch height control


Torch height control works by reading the voltage that the plasma power source provides. The preset target voltage number represents your actual running cut height. When the material warps the torch height control follows the material through its changes according to the laws of Thermo-Dynamics. There are factory presets already installed for ease of operation when cutting Steel, Stainless or Aluminum. A proper Torch Height control will yield great results. 

High Performance control is standard

High Performance control is standard

High Performance control is standard


The Star Lab CNC plasma comes with a standard high performance torch height controller capable of reading and reacting to a 1/4 volt. This Torch height controller also gives a big advantage over slower and proprietary controls with no ability for the user to define presets. You will be able to cut exotic materials not defined in other controls. Titanium, Brass, Bronze and different alloys are no problem for a Star Lab CNC Plasma system

Finest Torch Height Control


Better geometric tolerances

The Star Lab CNC is a rigid high performance machine that will any plasma cuttable material down to a very thin 30ga (.0125 that just a few human hairs thick). We are able to do this through a very tight tolerance tracking capability. 

Better holes

Automatically adjust speed for holes and a very special feature called overcut will yield precision holes without dimpling where the plasma cutter started and stopped.

True real time control

100% digital closed loop high speed control. Real time torch height control with zero lag from the classic PC based controls of the past. 

Automated features or manual operation

Preloaded preset for many different thicknesses, material and amperage. Cut using presets or adjust manually on the fly for any material or condition.

Total torch height control

No knobs to twist, no mystery of setting conditions every time you go to use the machine. Presets and configurable presets give you the ultimate in capability.

Full featured with the ultimate mechanical design

Exclusive self-test function allows instant checking of THC to PC communications and proper THC functions. You have control over any feature if you want it. The Star Lab machine platform with a high performance torch height control is the pinnacle of modern day mechanical design and performance.