Waterbed versus down draft

Waterbed advantage


The Star Lab Waterbed is made to control plasma cut vaporized metal and smoke without venting your shop air like a Down Draft. The water will also cool the part and help maintain geometric tolerances. It is standard equipment on our machines at no extra cost. 4x4, 4x8, 5x10 machines come with a standard 3" depth waterbed (optional deeper bed). All other machines start at 4" depth. A waterbed properly designed will cool the metal and take the vapor in without having the operator have to fish hard for parts that drop in an overly deep waterbed.

Down Draft advantage


A Star Lab CNC machine with a down draft system will cut completely dry parts allowing the part to be formed immediately after cutting. This gives you a huge advantage in the HVAC industry when cutting 20-26ga steel for ducting. The down draft system is a dry cut only and will not have any water vapor or splash. Our systems use real time torch height control instead of the old roller ball system for cutting. Cutting at recommended speeds in thin material is essential to maintaining profits. Save time and energy on your duct work designs.

Whats right for me and my business


95% of all our customers use a Waterbed on the Star Lab CNC machines. If your just starting out or replacing or adding a Star Lab to your manufacturing process we offer both styles. Cutting directly onto a floor is a recipe for a health hazard. A Waterbed or Down Draft machine will net you a better and healthier advantage in your work space. If you have any other questions about Waterbed versus Down Draft please don't hesitate to call in 1-651-433-3689.