Software that RUns a Star Lab

Motion Control


The Star Lab runs the incredible Linux operating system. This represents the fastest most responsive user interface. The Star Lab uses a Linux PC for the Human interface but does not require the PC for motion signals to the motors. That work in done in a hardened industrial control box. Linux is similar to Windows however does not have many of the disadvantages and error prone windows operating system. There is also a windows that measures and shows you where your part(s) are and where your torch is. 

Draw it, cut path, cut


The Star Lab uses real CAD and CAM. Plasma cutting requires the use of 2D CAD.  The 2D CAD is the initial phase of learning CAD. You can take in drawings in many different formats and save them as a SVG or DXF for cutting. From art to industrial parts the powerful software will allow you to nest and create a tool path into the industry standard G-code without having to know G-code

Easy user interface - Big software advantages


From CAD to CAM to CUT this is the best path for CNC plasma. Completely open to the confines of proprietary all in one softwares your advantage is true CAD and CAM. We offer the industry gold standard Sheetcam (Linux TNG) as well as optional industry top end Pro-Nest. To find out what is best for you and your business please do not hesitate to call in.

The interface overview

CommandCNC interface video