Customer feedback

Mike N

I am pretty much competing with laser. I run the Hypertherm book specs with a little tweak here and there and get zero dross or very little. The Star Lab makes just as nice or nicer cuts that our neighbor with a 120,000.00 CNC plasma.

Don A

I run this table every day. It cuts very nice and much better than the plasma we were getting parts from. Man this thing cuts good. I will be buying a second one very soon.

Andrew N

Whether it's the first hole or the 200th they all matter. Consistancy and quality. I've gotten several messages this week from other fab shops asking how I'm getting such fenominal small hole quality with a conventional air plasma setup. Understand your cuts, make adjustments, take notes, and repeat. You also can't beat the fine resolution movements from the Star Lab table

Ben A

We cut with it every day. We cut 1/2 and 3/4 steel and are able to go from table to welding with very little to no prep work. We are super happy with the machine and it has changed the way our business works. Thanks.

Thomas A

I use a 8x12 Star Lab at work. Oh yeah we cut with this thing all day long. I don't know how we got along without it. I am going to get one for home very soon...maybe a 5x10 or 6x12. Its a fantastic machine.

Bill V

This cutter has basically taken the man hours out of the equation. I mean we had another table but the hole quality was bad and it would wobble like crazy over 80 inches per minute. We are stoked and very pleased with the machine so yes that is our story.

Our install base keeps growing


Happy Customer = Healthy Business

Just buying a paper weight does us and you no good. It is not uncommon for a person or business to buy a Star Lab and to have several others in that area to purchase based off of part quality and suggestion. The Star Lab was meant to be the missing puzzle piece for a successful business. Our large install base has arguably the highest rate of very happy customers. They bring us a tremendous amount of table sales by word of mouth. Join our group and find out how a great CNC plasma can do for you. 1-651-433-3689


Scott N

I am new to plasma but not to steel. I make a lot of art. Tons of art and I love this machine it puts out some beautiful parts. I recommend it to anyone that asks. If your looking for a machine that is going to last and make you money buy a Star Lab.

Val J

I shopped for a long time. I wanted a table just like this one. I saw all the other junk tables out there and even the big name brands that charged an arm and a leg for basically a garage plasma. Star lab is the way to go.

Mitch R

Oh man we couldn't live without it. We burn a lot of parts and do a lot of production half inch. This is our second table with a Maxpro200. I don't know how you can make money with an air cooled plasma and half the junk out there...just junk out there. Thanks Matt

Dan W LL High School

I love our machine we cut with it all the time. We have projects that are made flawlessly on the machine. Impressive cuts

Dave @ General Electric

Our guys love it. We can go from idea to assembly without farming anything out. Its been very good.

Pat H

We are still getting the hang of it but it makes parts very fast. We have needed help and got help when we needed it. I was shakey about getting into a cnc but it has made us money.