Tube cutting on your Star Lab

The Rota-cut


Our amazing Rota-cut tube cutter add on for the Star Lab CNC machines feature a true 8" lathe chuck. This chuck and system has a 2.5" through hole for cutting long tubing. Software is also included for visualizing tubing cuts on round tubing.

Better features


The Rota-cut tube cutter add on also has a quick change chuck adaptor. This adaptor allows the operator to go from a self-centering 3 jaw chuck to a independent 4 jaw chuck for square tube cutting. An incredible value the Rotacut is often cheaper with a full Star Lab CNC machine than a stand alone tube cutter. 



We manufacture the Rotacut tube cutter to the highest standards. This tube cutter is available as an add on to your Star Lab CNC plasma at time of purchase or can be added in the field. We also furnish the customer with drawings for mounting in the parking area of the gantry. This allows the operator to use the long travel of the machine for tube cutting.