Floating or Ohmic sensing

Floating head


A floating initial material sensing system is available on the Star Lab CNC machine. It is standard equipment on Hi-density, Hi-frequency plasma cutters like the MaxPro200 and the Autocut series. Floating means the material is sensed but putting the torch on the material then having a secondary switch in the travel of the Z axis to sense the material.  

Ohmic Sensing


Ohmic sensing is standard on all our machines unless otherwise optioned. Ohmic sensing uses a voltage circuit to sense the top of the material without putting any downward pressure on the material. Ohmic sensing has a huge advantage in materials less than 1/4" thick. The plasma tip or shield will touch the material and back off for pierce height without bowing the material. Great for high speed applications.

Which is right for me


Submerged cutting (Underwater) can be done on a Star Lab with a Floating head only. Rusty, painted material may also be cut only with a floating head. Ohmic sensing is superb for all applications except submerged, heavily rusted and painted material conditions. We offer both systems. If you need any more data on which is right for you please call in 1-651-433-3689

Collision detection and limits in travel