The Jeweler - Air scribe

The Jeweler


The Jeweler Air scribe attachment for Star Lab machines is pure genius. Scribe part numbers, bend lines, art with great results. The software is already set up for the scribe and the Jeweler can be added to a Star Lab at any time.

Precision Performance


The Star Lab has a huge advantage in motion because is uses microscopic minimal movements. These fine movements will yield very fine detailed scribe lines. 

The Linear rail advantage


The Star Lab and Jeweler use true profile linear rail for precision movement. This is the best motion available. Hardened profile linear rail means your Jeweler is set up for heavy use and the longest service life of any air scribe. 

Adjustable Pressure


The Jeweler has the ability to use adjustable down pressure, marking rate and marking speed. Unlike other scribes on the market that rely on scribe weight the Jeweler gives the operator the most flexibility.

Fine resolution - fine results


The Star Lab has a vast 8" of clearance under the gantry. The Jeweler Air Scribe add on will take full advantage of being able to scribe onto flat material and material up to 8"s tall. Scribe on virtually ANY material. From Steel, Aluminum, Plastic, Wood. 

A Solid add on


The Jeweler Air Scribe comes preordered on a Star Lab or can be ordered as an odd on later. A fantastic way to increase the productivity of your business.