Star Lab spindle routing

Only with the Proton Z axis


Routing can be done on a Star Lab using our rigid Proton Z axis. The Proton uses two large high end linear rails with a precision double anchored ballscrew. Coupled with a highly accurate slide mount and face plate the Proton is the perfect platform for routing operations. Star Lab machines are known for expert plasma cutting as well as routing.

Router mounts


Going from CNC plasma to router spindle takes less than 1 minute. The electronics already have 2 110v AC relays installed and the software is all ready set up. Pull your torch off its magnetic breakaway, bolt on your router in its mount and your ready to cut. 

What can I make?


The Star Lab Router mount fits any wood router with a barrel size of 4.5"s. Software is included for 2.5D routing. You can easily create a tool path for simple 2D parts. Additional software is available for 3D part contouring. Your imagination is your limitation.

Ball end mill routing sample

Specs 24000RPM - Bosch 1617EVS router - .250 Carbide Ball End Mill - 500ipm - .001 Tolerance Tracking