Efficient design saves $$$


Plasma cutting consumes energy and components. The cost can change dramatically the heavier the machine, the less accurate the torch height controller is and the bigger the plasma power source is.  The Star Lab machine design has been very carefully calculated to use very specific components and materials as well as processes. Not only for efficiency but for longevity. We flex our manufacturing capabilities and hone each component to save you operating costs. From the ultra fast Zaxis/Torch height control to the very efficient components and frame and the low power consuming motor drive system. These CNC machines are designed and made on Lasers, Machining centers, Turning centers. We know the part you make is the sum off all errors in the build of the machine.  And for that reason we do not build CNC plasma machines on CNC plasma machines. We take efficiency to its maximum effort. Modern plasma has the ability to cut at many amperages. Choosing the best size plasma cutter for a Star Lab machine would be taking into account the thickest material you plan to cut. If you are planning on cutting production rate 1/2 steel you may choose a 100+amp plasma cutter. If your cutting wont be at a break neck production rate you could choose a 45 amp plasma cutter and still have the ability to cut 1/2" steel. If your confused on which power source is right for your Star Lab do not hesitate to call one of our plasma experts. 1-651-433-3689

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